HIPAA Training


In this course, the students will learn about the famous HIPAA Act. The HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act became effective July1, 1997. This act comprises of different regulations that have been created to combat fraud, waste, abuse in health care delivery & health insurance. HIPAA was instituted in order to improve the overall health care system and make sure no one is overlooked. Some of the regulations brought into by HIPAA include:
• More power to the patients about their medical information.
• Sets boundaries on release of health records.
• Creates a balance when disclosure of some data is required to protect public health.
• Allows patients to make informed choices about their health care.


  No experience required

Important Info

Mode of TrainingOnline training and classroom training
Course Duration30 days
Course Time Frame9am-2pm , 6pm-10pm from Monday to Friday
Materials IncludedBooks – mock exam materials + online tests ,Coding Assignments
Weekend class10am to 2pm Saturday and sunday
Course Fee

I) Medical Terminology




      Combining Forms



II) Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures of the below systems

      Integumentary System

      Digestive System

      Respiratory System

      Cardiovascular System

       Urinary System

       Male Reproductive System

     Male Reproductive System

      Female Reproductive System

      Nervous System

      Sense Organs

      Musculoskeletal System

      Endocrine System